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In addition to Lisa Marie & All Shook Up in all its myriad incarnations, you can also find Lisa Marie fronting Boston R&B band, Juke Joint 5, and as a member or a featured guest with many other acts in the Northeast.
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Who doesn't love a good story? Each one of us has tales to tell. Singer and songwriter Lisa Marie gets to share thousands of stories with a diversity of musical partnerships that span a multitude of genres: rhythm and blues, rockabilly, soul, rock and roll, boogie woogie, gospel, jazz, bluegrass, honky tonk, roots and folk music from many countries. There is always blues on the table, but also so much more.

C’mon out to a show and see what all the fuss is about! 

Lisa Marie & All Shook Up 
What began as a side project soon grew into a full-time gig... Its original intention was to bring talented musicians together from all over New England. Lisa Marie was on a mission to introduce everyone to each other and to bring them all to brand new audiences, and this was her way of doing it, one show at a time. 
All Shook Up grew into an enormous collective of rotating musicians and the ASU tagline was “Never the same show twice!” It was risky, creative and exciting, and Lisa Marie believed that it could result in new projects, which it did – with many musicians discovering new band members at an ASU gig, starting new bands, and developing new friendships. It was also tremendously fun. 
This musical adventure has lasted for more than two decades. 

Lisa Marie & All Shook Up with Johnny Juxo 
Roots, rock and roll, New Orleans rhythm and blues, and boogie woogie SOUL! 
"Combine the magnetic forces of Lisa Marie on vocals and percussion; Johnny Juxo on piano, organ, squeezebox and vocals; truly energetic performances and the songwriting skills of two of New England's premier musicians – and you've got one helluva party!" 
The dynamic duo of Lisa Marie & Johnny Juxo can be found all over New England (and as far south as New Orleans) performing with Boston's own Lisa Marie & All Shook Up; they are both also members of the band Juke Joint 5. 
The ASU trio combines Lisa Marie and Johnny Juxo with either drums or saxophone, and for larger venues, expands to a high energy four-piece band. Roots, rock and roll, early New Orleans R&B, honky tonk, zydeco, rockabilly, boogie woogie, soul 

All Shook Up acoustic duos:

All Shook Up with Reid Trevaskis – If you think it can’t be done, hold onto your hat. This acoustic guitar duo pulls off the impossible in multiple genres, with a very full sound. Combine an encyclopedic knowledge of thousands of songs with a great deal of laughter, two strong voices, lovely harmonies, and an insane octave range. Soul, R&B, funk, pop, country, garage rock 

All Shook Up with Charlie O’Neal – Country soul and roots duo with a very full sound. Rich vocals with beautiful dobro, slide, and acoustic guitar. Roots, rock, soul, pop, country, americana, blues

All Shook Up with Silvertone Steve Old school rockabilly, sweet soul and deep blues. Silvertone brings you back to Chicago with his unique left-hand style and slide acoustic guitar. Roots, rockabilly, soul, country, blues  

All Shook Up with John Hicks – American roots music that uplifts, haunts, soothes, and takes you back in time to an earlier era of juke joints, gin mills and jazz halls. The talented Mr. Hicks switches from acoustic guitar to mandolin, lap steel, resonator, and National Steel guitar, displaying his phenomenal finger-picking style and slide work. Sweet vocals and harmonies. Roots, delta blues, ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, honky tonk, gospel, Dixieland, country blues, early New Orleans R&B, traditional jazz 

All Shook Up with Neal Vitullo – Rockabilly and roots rock duo with powerful vocals and masterful guitar by Rhode Island Hall of Fame inductee Neal Vitullo, of Neal & The Vipers. A rare opportunity to hear Neal on acoustic guitar - and a mess of fun. Rockabilly, rhythm and blues, rock and roll